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If you are feeling:

  • Guilty about unmet goals in the past
  • Unhappy with your method of planning and getting stuff done
  • Mentally and physically exhausted by New Year's resolutions
  • Stressed out by your to-do list
  • Overwhelmed and unsure where to start
  • Doubtful that this year can be different and that you can grow
  • Like you’re stuck in a rut with nowhere to go
  • Ashamed because you've publicly declared goals in the past and feel like you failed
  • Like you want more from the life you are working so hard to craft
  • Lonely or like you are the only one who feels this way
  • Ready to show up and NOT QUIT!

Then here is how Launchpad will help:

  • This is safe place full of people who believe in grace over guilt, always!
  • We have our super-simplified Daily 3 tools for getting things done, and a tool for building your weekly plan
  • Hosted monthly and quarterly sessions help you analyze what is working and not working, to pivot, and then do a mindset detox to move forward
  • We have small accountability groups, and even more importantly the training to help you really utilize accountability
  • Coaching from Charlene and Justin is from our WorkingSmart material, laser-focused around getting things done
  • An intentionally trained zero shame culture, where we all learn language and tools to encourage ourselves and each other and have the resilience to show up again no matter what happens

What is the #zeroshamezone?

Our big question this year was "what if we didn't quit?" What could we accomplish, we wondered. Research shows that many people give up on their goals because of SHAME. Because they are embarrassed for "falling off the wagon," falling behind or "messing up." We think that stinks.

If no one is perfect, if we practice #graceoverguilt, then we want to create a space and train our community to practice having "zero shame," so that no matter what happens this year, you can keep showing up and coming back and trying again. If you didn't give up this year, what could you accomplish? Who would you become in the pursuit of your big goal if you decided to not quit?

That's our goal for the Launch Crew!




Or pay quarterly and get a bonus "coffee talk" session with Charlene

Launchpad Members come to the May 1st KNOW Workshop for free!

$87/m Discounted for Our First Launch Crew Members

  • A hand-selected accountability small group AND a simple training on how to actually use your accountability group!
  • An intake interview to help us find your group and get you going on the right first step
  • A toolbox of super-simple habit builders to build your week around, including our Daily 3 steps for getting things done!
  • A monthly co-working session to evaluate your plan, make pivots on what's not working and celebrate what is. Super important: a "mindset detox" to set the stage for your next 30 days
  • A quarterly virtual retreat for your 90 day focus planning, and a mini-workshop with Charlene and Justin
  • Live audience access to our weekly input and coaching sessions.
  • Exclusive pocket coaching audio texts to your phone straight from Charlene, along with her "current big thoughts" book and article list
  • Free access to all workshops during your membership period
  • Our private Launch Crew Facebook community where we all do daily and/or weekly check-ins (whichever works for you!)

How will your year look different if you are a part of Launchpad?

You will get more stuff done! We are learning quarter to quarter how to habitually craft our lives, rather than responding moment to moment and fleeting motivation to motivation. My goal for the Launchpad is that our aspirations will no longer be just aspirations, they will be results.

I think we can accomplish 10x what we think we are capable of.


Registration is open until February 1st

The doors for Launchpad are open for a few weeks, and then we'll close them until the next enrollment period.

There have been seasons in my life where I've had to look in the mirror and tell myself “You're worth investing in.” Personal development is the way you accelerate who are as a person so you can accelerate after your goals. If you want to achieve something new, you need to do something you've never done before. 

You are worth it.

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Launchpad is an accelerator for people who feel stuck and need a supportive community to move forward.

We get it. You've set intentions or goals in the past, you've tried things, and then you stall out. We have all been there. I'll say it again; we've all been there! It's often because we haven't developed the right habits or broken the wrong ones. There is zero shame in having not yet met your big goal. The Launchpad community is a “zero shame zone” so we can propel our collective visions forward in a way that we could never do alone.

Community First

When you register, you are dropped into our private coaching collective group. Then you will get a live intake call to establish your goals and priorities, and we use that information to put you in a hand-selected accountability small group. And we'll show you how to use that group for real support and encouragement! 

Coaching Focused

You will get "pocket coaching" texts straight from Charlene, and a monthly co-working session where we build habitual rhythms. We also equip you with our 3 essential daily practices. Quarterly, we host a virtual "Vision Retreat" where we work on a 90 day focus and push past mindset obstacles.

VIP Access

Launchpad gives you full access to our core courses (retail price $591), but even more exciting you get front row live audience access to the new WorkingSmart podcast recording sessions, where we will have "hot seat" coaching opportunities.

It was EXACTLY what I've been needing, EXACTLY what has been missing in my understanding on building my business... so much that when (I) finally bit the bullet and paid for a training, it was so fitting that I stayed up into the wee hours of the night, took furious handwritten notes, and completed the entire course in one sitting... THANK YOU!!!

K.H. - Business Builder

What makes this different?

Launchpad is moving out of theory into practice. When you turn principles into habit, then the most important decisions become part of daily flow. 


Launchpad is your space to develop habits in a supportive community without guilt and shame, to propel you to where you want to go. We are in this together.


Win the Day

The best indicator of long term results is doing things when you don't feel like it. Habits are the difference between you getting somewhere or not. We are here for the daily in and outs of building habits.

It's OK.

I have many goals "I didn't reach." But we are creating this community as a safe space to keep showing up. What would happen if you didn't give up this year? We all have days where "life happens," but what if you showed up the next day and the day after that?

I think of it as the difference between working out at home and going to a gym. At home all alone, I can can talk myself out of doing stuff with no accountability. At a gym I am part of community that is motivated and activated. Launchpad is like saying "I'm going to pay for a gym membership so I have a trainer and supportive teammates, because it's time for me to move forward.”

I'm excited for 2022.

It's the way I'm wired. I get a thrill out of seeing people craft a life that's meaningful to them, and supporting them in that journey. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create this year. I'm also really excited that I get to join in this journey of growth, and what story I will propel forward this year. Parallel growth is powerful. It's going to be a good year and it's going to be FUN!

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Grace over guilt, change versus shame.

A supportive community is one in which you can be fully yourself and trust that in being fully known, no one is judging you for the areas that need development. Everyone has growth edges and habits that aren't serving them. Every person has those things, and in a supportive community you can bring those to the table and acknowledge them without the shame that would keep a lid on your potential growth. Authenticity creates space for encouragement and change.

What exactly is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a coached space for actionable accountability with an emphasis on no shame, where we practice daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly rhythms to make progress and never quit on our goals.

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